Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Model Night - (Preview)

Wednesdays offer two modeling competition shows worth watching, even if it is just to make fun of them.

First, the six remaining girls on America's Next Top Model (cycle 12) head off to Sao Paolo, Brazil in their quest for a contract with covergirl and the right to appear on 2-3 episodes of next cycle. See who continues to impress the judges (Teyona, Celia) and who gets to go back to folding fleece pullovers at Old Navy (Aminat) on the CW at 8 EST.

If you're more interested in seeing some model-ass, head on over to Bravo at 10 EST for the second season of Make Me A Supermodel. It was pre-empted last week for the 'A-List' Awards, so I forget what's supposed to be happening, but I think they're down to the top ten. While a different dynamic from ANTM due to the inclusion of men, the judges are even worse - you've been warned.

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