Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol - Movie Week

So the power of veto - I mean, the "judges' save" - was finally used. Matt fell into the bottom again this week, only this time he would have been eliminated. What bothers me about the decision to save him, isn't whether or not I feel like he should have been eliminated (which, yes, he did), but rather that it was clear the judges only used the save this week to make sure they got to use it. Simon knows what's going on with the show. If they let Matt go home this week, they had a good chance of ending up with Anoop or Lil with the least amount of votes next time. Neither of them present good options to use their veto. The judges needed to use the save to justify adding it this season and stringing along the contestants and there just hasn't been a 'shocking' elimination this year that would have really warranted its usage. Next week, two go home and they have to sing disco... because remember how this singing competition/not a singing competition is looking for a new and current artist? I'm guessing Matt will be safe since his fans will go into overdrive after he was almost sent home. That leaves Anoop and Lil as the obvious boots, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Allison or Kris go depending on what the order is/how they do next week.

There were two moments I really enjoyed last night.

1. Lil called out the judges for contradicting themselves constantly. Their borderline racist insistence that she sing Mary/Mariah and nothing else (especially not Bette/Celine/other white female balladeers) has been getting on my nerves for weeks now and I'm glad she let them know it's obvious to everyone watching.

2. Randy's insecurity on the judging panel is so amusing to me. Every time the judges are introduced he has to boo Simon over all the cheers. Because he's so funny, not because he needs to be the center of attention or anything. And I loved how after Simon interrupted to compliment Kris on his performance that he didn't get to critique the night before, Randy had to do the same thing later on. 'If Simon gets to do it, I do to!'

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