Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - Disco Night

This... is... American Idol.
For some reason they keep trying to make it seem like it's a good thing Matt got saved. I'm not buying it. Simon's dressed up for the night by wearing a light gray shirt as opposed to his usual dark. Moleman's looking extra Timberfake douchey this evening.

No video's this week? YAY! They're trying to come in on time.

Lil - I'm Every Woman - Chaka Khan
It's not a boring ballad, so that part's good. It is sung poorly, so that's bad. She almost seems out of breath and the glory note comes with this extreme close-up inside her mouth. Randy talks about how it doesn't say what kind of artist she is... because most disco songs can say a lot about singers these days. Kara's been waiting for her to sing an artist like Chaka Khan - because she's black? Jasmine should sing Rihanna. Lil should sing Mary or Chaka. Hmm... She's been every woman... but herself - courtesy of Kara's book of cheese. The judges want her to go home so bad. Ryan and Lil chat about their inner goddesses. Lil has really embraced the VFTW suggestion to up the attitude. I applaud her for trying to not be so boring.

Kris - She Works Hard For The Money - Donna Summer
The song about the bathroom attendant everyone incorrectly thinks is about a hooker? Really? Kris John Mayers it up. He does what he should do. Take the disco song, and un-disco it. This song makes me want McDonalds. Mmm... old marketing campaigns... The singing is the typical Kris performance. He's pretty consistent. Paula compares it to Santana, and then describes choosing a song by a woman as cross dressing. It is true that many guys wouldn't perform a female song. Adam doesn't count.

Mr. Dead Wife - September - Earth, Wind and Fire
He's kind of scatting. He's very smarmy. It's a little high for him. He's acting very comfortable, I'll give him that... but it almost seems like he doesn't think he'll ever get voted out. Also, those jeans are too tight. Old women love him! They have a sign. Randy was worried about the choice, even though it's kind of a cliche Danny type song. Why would Kara be worried about Danny trying to fit into a genre that's over the top and cheesy by nature? He is so full of himself. Every compliment is expected. Ha ha ha ha... Simon calls it awkward and clumsy and his smile faded so fast. UGH!

Allison - Hot Stuff - they didn't say and I'm not looking it up
She's being sultry on the stairs. You're only 16, calm down girl. It's a slowed down type performance that makes the song more 80s rock than disco or current. It's very average sounding. Eek... the bridge is really bad. Glory note! The judges are in spin mode trying to remind everyone that she can still sing. They pimp her a lot to hopefully get Lil/Anoop/Matt gone.

Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You - from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
time for a 'vulnerable' performance. He can't do ballads. His voice is kind of theater sounding. It works for the over the top glam rock style, but it very obvious on the ballads. Paula's tearing up. Judges: blah, blah, blah. He's not going anywhere, but at least he looks like he can take compliments without being full of himself. Adam gives props to the guy who arranged the song for him - AI first! Paula looks like she's going to jump Adam after the show to try to turn him straight.

Moleman - Stayin' Alive - The Bee-Gees
It is kind of one of his better performances, but his Timberfakeness is cranked to 11. Ooh, the back-up singers are coming up front. Good for them. I want to vote for the Afro-girl. I'm sure the judges will love it. Eww. He's so sweaty. I haven't seen sweat like that on AI since Ruben. Kara's glad we're back to disco night. Wow. Matt's friend is so happy. She's falling over in her chair. She's the opposite of Whatevia. Simon says in the real world, that performance was desparate. I think it may be part of Operation: Save Allison, so I'll take it.

Anoop - Dim All The Lights
The pimp spot for Anoop? With Lil singing first, they're really hoping she goes. Anoop decided not to shave. It's not a good look. This song is so boring and adult contemporary. He doesn't stand a chance. Time to hit fast forward, which is saying something since I made it all the way through Gokey. Randy lets me know the last note was rough. Kara thinks this could be on the radio, which... coming soon to a doctor's office muzak near you. Paula teaches him how to smile. Simon says it's mediocre.

The judges want Lil and Anoop gone. I think Allison is in danger of being a "surprise" boot, but she wouldn't have been the lowest so the save might do her in. Matt had a 'good' enough performance to get his fans to vote en masse. I'm going to go with Lil, Anoop and Allison bottom three, with Allison hopefully being safe. Now to check dialidol and see if I'm right...

Yay, they finished on time!

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