Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANTM - The Girl From SoCal

This week the models had to pose with a fruit hat... in the slums of Sao Paolo... and make it 'fashion.' Is it just me or did all the talk about how their location was full of life and fun just a diversion to make us forget that these Americans were coming into the poorer neighborhoods to exploit the look and feel for the sake of some quasi-models? Also, notice how they cart those kids around to be in the background of every shot. Models are discussed individually in the order I rank their photos:

I thought for a second Fo might actually have gone home, then she wasn't in the bottom 2? The whole thing about trying to emulate the Chiquita Banana, but not at the same time was such crap. However, acting so immature about the whole 'this is a competition' thing with Teyona does not a winner make. She's not making the top three. I do love her photo this week. It's not her fault she looks like their inspiration. I feel like the direction this week was too contradictory to blame Fo for acting too much.

It's really funny that this pic was chosen for Allison because it's actually the same old face Nigel hates, and he loved this. She had a lot of variety from what we saw during her shoot, but of course Tyra chooses this one so during the finals they can look back at all the same expressions so she won't win. Her body positioning does help here though. Her talking about Carmen's death a la her nosebleed fixation was hilarious.

Celia is old. Did you know that? The judges keep giving us little clues about her age/appearance so she can get knocked out at third place when they give her the Renee/Melrose/Jade treatment. This photo isn't really that good, but the crossed legs and face kept her out of the bottom. Celia got lucky that Aminat and Natalie did actively poor rather than nothing like her. Still, even though she's just kind of standing there, I do like it. It's more the combination of her wardrobe and skin tone popping out from the background than anything she's doing.

Teyona's not mad at Fo for taking her frames... but she wants us to know how they're not cool anymore. The commentary about learning how to smile is just to show us progress so she can win. This photo is just average, but it would have ranked above Celia if it weren't for one thing. Janice would have never let someone who look 'amputeed' in their photo be called out second. Where is Teyona's right arm? We even saw Jay tell her to remember her body and keep her limbs in the shot.

Could Natalie's edit this episode be any more obvious this episode? /Chandler Bing voice. Seriously though, after reminding us all of where she's from continuously (Hannah's from Alaska anyone?) she complained the entire episode. The only thing that had me fooled for a second was when she wasn't one of the two people Jay criticized. I thought maybe she was just being set up to go home next week. She also kind of has the Jayla Bollywood shoot thing going on where she's a lot smaller in the frame than everyone else.

Aminat kind of did what I figured she would, but I am surprised she's still around. How many chances can she have? She's gone in the next two weeks with Fo. I guess I should have known during the episode that Aminat wouldn't have gone home. There was so much focus on Fo/Teyona and Natalie that she was almost invisible by comparison. Still, Paulina and Miss J were right in their critique. Even though Aminat altered it slightly by twisting her right arm, this is such a basic pose we see every cycle.

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